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    Originally Posted by Corp View Post
    So, is this hack getting close to being finished? I loved your other hack- Ultimate End- but I only play finished hacks, so I'm eager to see how good this is. Oh, well you kinda answered it last post. Still, hopefully it's soon.
    Oh no, it's not gonna be out soon. I meant that Granaldo City will be the final area to be added in beta 4 including several side-quest areas which can be accessable in it. But beta 4 there is just one of the "checkpoints" along the way to the finish line.

    I started the hack in mid 2010s, maybe a bit later. Currently, I have probably just exceeded the "midway point" so most likely it's going to take me more than two years before I can release the first complete version of the hack.

    I'm no way rushing it. May it take two years, three or more - I'm not pushing myself to do this. It's just an interest, not my work.

    Anyway, I'd advise you to wait till I get beta 4 out and play that release then. You really don't want to wait for the final version to be out. Why do that? It's not like it would spoil the gaming experience you would got then (and who knows, maybe this hack never even gets done).
    Besides, this one is much more entertaining than Ultimate End (which was mainly an edit created with a couple of tools), that I can guarantee you
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