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Originally Posted by InMooseWeTrust View Post
-I'm not a hardcore gamer so I don't need things like top of the line graphics, although the graphics and audio (my music collection is FLAC and plays on WinAMP) are rather nice. I watch HD videos, and both 720p and 1080p seem to run just fine on VLC Media Player if I'm not multitasking.
MPC-HC is better.

-I multitask like a maniac during weekdays. I have stuff open from all my classes, along with endless Firefox and Chrome tabs. I do get a lot of issues with lag as a result. Then I try to open Finale for my music composing class and.... X_X I'm going to get around it by putting stuff like Pagefile on my RAM drive, which I will be able to with more RAM. Maybe I shouldn't try to render Camtasia in the background at the same time, but I gotta do what I gotta do. My laptop somehow always survives, and overheating is really rare. This is where the hard drive bottlenecks before anything else.
Putting the pagefile on a ramdisk sounds silly to me. You said you have an SSD, if you're worried about how fast things swap out, put it there. If you're really, really worried, just disable the pagefile altogether, it should accomplish the same thing as putting it on a ramdisk but without the overhead of having a ramdisk implemented in the first place (with the pagefile disabled, it just won't swap, meaning everything stays in RAM, which is exactly what you're doing anyway by putting it on a ramdisk).

-My laptop doesn't have a touchscreen, which Windows 8 appears to be built for. I actually like the old Windows interface, which 7 perfected. I've tried using Macs and iTampons before and I got extremely frustrated with the interface. It's sad for me to see Windows 8 going in that direction. And Windows 7 will be supported for many more years, so it's not some ancient OS that's out of its prime. And a 64 bit machine means I can upgrade into the stratosphere.
So, again, get a UI mod. There are a few popular ones out there that seem to be well received.

-I don't play any games that won't run on XP SP3, which I might need to VMWare anyway. So compatibility won't be an issue. I'm also eager to try using a server OS because I've never used one before.
Why not just play them on your main install? Most old games play fine with one or two minor hacks even on Win7 or Win8. I don't know about VMWare, but VBox doesn't have 3D hardware acceleration for guest OSes (or it's experimental or something, I can't remember).

-I got the 3TB this past Black Friday at Best Buy for $99. I wasn't even in line; I just showed up and they had a lot in stock. I actually like that store.
That's the only thing they're good for. I go there on Black Friday to pick up a new flash drive every year.
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