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Cape City

“Well, if we begin heading in that general direction, I assume he will be found.” Deluge solemnly replied to Sovereign. As they began their strut to the direction of the Earthquake, Snype appeared to have spotted something in the sky. Deluge barely caught glimpse of it himself, being quite far away. But he did see…something.

“Rally the ancients. Every home, storefront, or place of worship, search them. I want this person found, now! Arceus be damned,” Genevieve command. The Archeops nearby departed immediately to proceed with the orders, the pace of the Ancient matching the urgency uttered by the Gardevoir Sentinel. Deluge floated by the others as they proceeded into the heart of the city, Ancients in the area already beginning their search among the streets, and some proceeding into the homes and shops of others. Their ruthless efficiency and disregard for the sentiments of Pokemon made them most excellent at this task, as they proceeded in without fear, guilt, or reluctance. Deluge marveled at the sight, but was also upset that the mystery Pokemon wasn’t found yet. From the way Sovereign had described it, the Pokemon was strong. There was a good chance it was with the Gold Tribe. To have one slip from their fingers would be most troublesome indeed.

“The Pokemon had to have landed down…it is more likely than not that one of the citizens is sheltering it. Perhaps a way to...root them out?" Deluge suggested to the others. "There are quite a lot of civilians around, and if this Pokemon is in fact a Gold Tribe member, I'm sure he won't like us executing them on their behalf..."

Plains of Valkaria

"Please don't be alarmed, I am on your side." A voice said from the direction that TrueStriker had faced. Zane spun himself around and noticed a Meganium approaching. Her skin appeared to be a slightly darker green than was the norm among their species. From what Zane could see, she was alone. He wondered what she was doing here, and all by herself. She didn't appear to be a soldier, nor anyone from the Gold Tribe. "My name is Dinorah. Are you all from Gold Tribe?"

Blitzkrieg addressed her first. Zane spoke up afterward, adding onto what the Salamence had said. “Yes, it’s unusual for someone to be traveling by themselves all the way out here. Especially by themselves. My name is Zane Tyrael, known as Vigil. Would you mind telling us what you’re doing out here?”

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