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    The boy who listed reasons in response to Solo’s threats seemed to be a tough customer if he would so easily talk to him like that. As if it was a miracle, Solo brought his attention seemingly off of Kakusu and it almost seemed that he would get away

    “My point is, people like this, are either going to die, because they can't handle simple concepts of survival, or are going to kill you, and simply feign weakness to lure you into trust. I don't trust anyone but myself, and that's how I've lived this long.” The boy who seemed still infuriated said with a quick gesture towards him. The boy continued on with his roommate and it almost seemed to be over until Solo turned back at Kakusu with more to say. "If you stay outta my way, I'll stay outta yours. That's the best I can offer you." He turned to the clumsy one. "As for you... If you didn't tell the teacher, then why were you in my room?"

    Kakusu turned around and faced Solo looking at him straight in the eye for a moment, enough for him to see a hint of a flame building in the pupils of Kakusu’s eyes before shaking his head to deny what Solo said.

    “I don’t care if I live or die but I definitely won’t kill you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not out of incompetence but because I have no reason to kill anyone. As for the teacher, I don’t know why he wanted to speak to you but I heard that loud music and wanted to ask you to turn it down slightly.” Kakusu wasn’t trying to be rude but he would have to be as straightforward as he could and try to reason with this boy so he wouldn’t turn this into a grudge.

    Kakusu turned to the boy’ implied roommate who stood up for him and gave him a nod of acknowledgment. If this didn’t work out, his roommate would be of major assistance and hopefully they could settle this before someone came to the cafeteria with a teacher.

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