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    “Youkai history huh?” Milly repeated her nose wrinkling slightly as she looked up at the ceiling. The name of the book did ring a bell. “I think have read that” she said, looking down and flashing a white toothed grin at the girl. “Pretty good read from what I remember, so no wonder it’s your favourite”

    Here Milly glanced up to watch another two members of her class walk in through the door, but didn't spare much time studying them. After all she didn't want to be caught staring at random people.

    Shuffling once more on the desk top, the young werewolf then pulled her attention back to Cheryll with another smile slipping across her lips as the quiet girl enquired about her interest in books.

    “Love’em” she grinned “In fact back in my room I practically have my own little library.” She stopped here to ponder for a little bit before parting her lips again. “Though I think my favourite book is a fantasy tale, with sword fights, miracles and romance.” She shrugged at this, as if dismissing the last point like she had no interest, though in her heart that was her favourite element of the tale. Ever the secret romantic. “Ever heard of The Princess Bride?”

    She stopped here to let the girl reply, flashing a glance towards the clock on the further most wall to check the time. 8:15 and counting. But then the classroom was still mostly empty, which was odd for such a late time.

    I wonder what is keeping everyone she thought, letting her eyes dart to the door way, she was slightly curious as to see who she would be spending the rest of the year with.

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