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    Gen 1 was good. Maybe not spectacular lol but I grew up with squirtle and I had a squirtle shaped cake when I turned 10 xD or was it 9? Idk. Yeah 9 cuz Pokemon 2000 came out. Charmander is cute and I love dragons so that includes charizard. But I've never been keen on bulbasaur& its fam.
    Gen 2 I love totodile so much. One of the best move pools and its crushing power and high defense through the evolutions carry against all but grass and water, but in hg croconaw learned ice fang that made bayleef and meganium a joke lol. Never done a play through with chikorita but I like its aesthetics as well as meganium at least. Cyndaquil is the cutest fire starter and I like hedgehogs. But it's moves and such aren't unique.
    Gen 3 is the only one I've done a full play through with all starters. So I love all of those. Can't dislike them at all.
    Gen 4. Oh gen 4. Turtwig. The best but not by much. Only cuz I like how grotle and torterra look. Chinchar. I hate monkeys. And I didn't need to see another fire fighting type. Piplup. Freaking penguins. I hate penguins. Also one thing that made these easily the worst starter is the type imbalance. I mean if I choose a water starter, I should not naturally inheret a weakness to the fire starters second type. No. Just no. And I also should not be able to use my water type attacks easily on the grass starter. I should always fear him. Not think his second type means my strong water attacks can easily ohko him cuz hes no long resistant. I usually teach my water starter ice beam to deal with grass types but due to their general lack of speed I tend to still fear appropriately leveled grass types, particularly my rival's grass starter. But empoleon isn't even weak to grass anymore and infernape scares the crap outta me. I boxed empoleon. I hate it.
    Gen 5 was good for starter. I love my samurott more than I expected and having access to bug moves makes him way different from others. I like serperior's design at least and I don't dislike emboar. He just kinda blends in and I forget about him.
    Obviously I vie for gen 4 as the worst. Hate them. Except torterra. But I'm sure if I played as him I'd still hate him for being unbalanced against water. But whatever xD
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