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Hardest one that was fare and not just me going against some super leveled character? Lol I think it was the hardest and most fun battle I ever had. Cynthia in white. I lost quite spectacularly to her once so I came back after a bit. I used samurott 76 haxorus 67 bisharp 69 volcarona 74 kyurem 78 beheeyem 63. We were just going back and forth and I had no revives. It was like real serious equal matched battling. So exhilarating. In the end with just 29/180 hp left, beheeyem managed to get one last thunder shock in to finish her milotic. The milotic shot my beheeyem down to 29 hp from 180 with a single water pulse and my beheeyem moved second. I was so scared the bar would keep dropping. I was thinking no no no no please stop please stop please stop!!! Such an amazingly satisfied feeling afterwards.
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