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Cape City

"You see? I told you, didn't I? Didn't I tell you? Yep, I told you," Veletra spat. She and Paladin peered through the small slit in the blinds of the window. What they saw was the house across from theirs was being raided by Ancients. Paladin was honestly worried now. What would happen to him if he was caught? Veletra already knew the answer to that one. "Saul, if you get caught, and they find out you're Gold Tribe, you're going to receive the punishment they've had in store for the them. You're going to get the blame, so you'll probably spend the rest of your life in a torturehouse, or worse," she explained. Great. Everywhere Paladin went, chaos seemed to follow. "What do we do? There's nowhere to hide here," Paladin said. "There's a back door over there, come on," Veletra urged. Paladin grabbed his satchel, and stuffed his egg and emblem within. He then followed Veletra to the back door. Just then, a violent knocking came at the front door. Paladin squeezed through the tiny back door, wondering how Veletra had managed to get him inside the house in the first place. The violent knocking came again. 'Boom boom boom boom' That's strange, Paladin thought, the knocking seemed to resonate with the drums inside his head. The Golurk shrugged it off as coincidence and continued out. He came upon a big, fenced patch of dirt which he imagined may have once been a garden. Behind him, Veletra quickly closed the back door as the Ancients burst through the front. Paladin could hear them destroying the mysterious, strange things inside. Then, Veletra proceeded to whistle very loudly. "Excadrill, I need you!" she shouted with emotion. Then, from the ground, emerged a rather rugged-looking Excadrill. His face seemed flawless, but all over his body were scars of battles long past. One of his drills had the tip broken off, and the other looked slightly rusted.

"What?" the Excadrill said casually. "Get this Pokemon out of here! Use Dig!" Veletra ordered. The Excadrill obliged, and created a hole big enough for even Paladin to fit through. Looking down, he noticed that the hole seemed to lead sideways, out of the city. "No! I'm not done here!" Paladin protested, but Veletra simply shook her head. Then, she proceeded to attack Paladin with a Shadow Ball attack. The attack was super effective, and sent Paladin spiraling down the hole. The Excadrill reappeared and pulled Golurk into a side-tunnel he had made, then used a series of Slash attacks to collapse the initial tunnel he had made in the backyard.

"This tunnel leads to the Valkaria Plains," Excadrill said. Paladin had to crawl to be able to fit through the tunnel, but at least he was able to get in at all. "How far are we underground?" Paladin asked. "Not far. Otherwise we might be meeting an evil horde of prehistoric Pokemon right now," the Mole Pokemon answered. "I'm not sure if the army's under this city, or under another one, and frankly, I don't wanna find out." This intrigued Paladin. He had no idea the Silver Tribe were hiding an army under one of their cities. But he decided to contemplate this later and change the subject. "Who are you?" he asked. The Excadrill shrugged. "Dunno. I mean, not anymore," he said. "You lost your memory?" Paladin asked. "No. I just lust sight of who I am, is all. Now my name is just 'Excadrill.' Hmph, talk about creativity," Excadrill said. Paladin chuckled a little. "Heh, yeah, I know how you feel," he sympathized. Then, Excadrill stopped digging for a moment. "We should be out of this city now," he guessed, and began tunneling upwards, as Paladin crawled behind him. Finally, they saw light, and emerged a ways away from Cape City, in the Plains of Valkaria. "Oops. Miscalculation. We could've stopped digging a while ago," Excadrill admitted. "Wait here while I collapse the tunnel we used," and with that, he was gone back down the hole, using a series of Slash attacks to cover his tracks. Paladin sat on the warm grass and thought to himself. 'An army underneath the city...'