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username: Bulba12
game: Leaf Green
optional rules:
must nickname all pokemon
2 pokeballs per a pokemart

update- team:
Mr. bubbles lvl17- wartortle
pete lvl15- spearow
melvin lvl13- mankey
will lvl11- beedrill
zane lvl8- zubat

aaron lvl7- pidgey (poison sucks...)

2 badges, went into diglett cave looking for a diglett, found a dugtrio
it killed zane, but was eventually caught.
went through the ss. anne easily
about to take on surge
Mr.bubbles lvl25- wartortle
Cerberus lvl29- dugtrio
Pete lvl23- spearow
Allie lvl22- kadabra
Melvin lvl21- mankey
Will lvl16- beedrill

aaron lvl4-7- pidgey
zane lvl8-14- zubat