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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    Cascade was the first time you listened to a flash? O.o did you use to mute them, or what? The music is a great part of Homestuck, I think.

    Speaking of which, here is an odd personal favorite of mine xD It's unofficial though and not on a "real" volume yet.

    Also @ update 8 feb
    WTF no flash? Is he getting lazy? ;; The Page clothing doesn't look like Tavros silly batmanrobinpants! Or maybe we just don't see it properly. Also, cool to finally get to see the Rogue attire!
    Yeah, it's weird... I think the first time an [S] page came up, I didn't notice that it meant sound... so I read it mute the first time. Also, I remember skipping the walkarounds because I thought "hey if it's important then it wouldn't be in a game; you can skip details when playing a game". My first reading was really bad; I just wanted to get it finished. It's a shame, because now I can't enjoy reading it for the first time.
    I'm surprised that there's no flash, too... but I think that might either be because of the way the site is laid out (means he can't put one page/panel, perhaps?), and he can't have 2 flashes because even the .gifs link up poorly sometimes. Or he just doesn't want to give us another mini-hiatus, since twice in a row we've had to wait around a week before an update. Maybe he just wants to get back to his standard "handful of short updates in one go, or a few long ones"? Could be loads of reasons.

    Though, of course, I'm really excited to see all their god tiers!
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