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    Sorry I didn't comment yesterday. My internet was being super slow.

    Anyway, all of these look absolutely amazing! The line art is so clean, even on your doodles.

    I love the pose and shading of the Gliscor pic. The Wild Pokémon pic is just too cute and I love the varying stroke weight (something I can't do well). The way you've interpreted Cubone without its skull-helmet is very interesting - took a moment for me to realize what they were. The pseudo-legends are very adorable - I like both versions very much. The Bug Pokémon drawing is nice, though Sewaddle's face scares me XD. The Ghost Pokémon pic is amazing - Ghost is one of my favorite types. The Pokémon battle pic #1 is just too epic - I love the shading and dynamic poses that really gives off the sense of watching a battle. Escavalier looks amazing in Pokémon battle #2 - I can't wait to see it completed! I love the way you colored the Altaria and Flygon pic - it looks really soft! I like the manga-style shading on the Keldeo and Shaymin pic, though the front right leg looks a little deformed - still very nice for a quick sketch and I couldn't have done any better. While I'm not a fan of the style the girl in Girl with Pokémon was drawn in, it's still a fantastic piece - that may just be the cutest Sneasel pic I've ever seen. The doodles are very cute and the Fakemon looks epic! I love the second Larvitar pic - the others are... interesting.

    Looking forward to future updates! :D

    EDIT: Whoops! Forgot to comment on the other post.

    Unnamed Piece #1 is very detailed and I love the ghostly appearance of the girl to the left- it reminds me of some shojo manga, which I've been reading quite a bit lately. The dragon... just... wow - looks quite realistic, great details! The Fables character seems to combine cartoon elements with realism - very nice. Kratos and Wolverine are both very detailed - great work. I really like the contrast between the simple face and detailed clothing in the Kimono Girl #1 pic, but I LOVE everything (drawing style, colors...) about Kimono Girl #2. The eyes in Unnamed Piece #2 looks really detailed and shiny for it not being colored and the hair looks like it took a lot of effort. Violinist of Hameln looks so much different from all your other work - the cape and hands are nice, but nothing else about this pic really pops out to me. I don't care much for human/human-like characters drawn in a realistic style, but Red Witch of Hameln looks great! Keep it up!

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