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    The class kit Wind had picked up didn't only have weapons. Alright! A skill! Wind surveyed the skill that he had received. It was definitely worth it, as it was a *1.5 buff for physical attacks that lasted 5 seconds. Then, returning his gaze to the yellow blob ahead of him, he decided that now would be the perfect time to test this skill.

    NightlyWind gets into position...
    A red aura surrounds his blade! Aura Spark!

    After the awesome message displayed by CLOUD, he began to run, bringing up his glowing red blade and bringing it down on this... slime looking thing. Then he jumped back, raising his shield and deflecting small yellow pellets. Weird. They reminded him of lemons. Bouncing back to hack and slash, he began a small pattern, with the occasional break for Aura Spark and a critical hit. After a while, which was long because many times he would have to replenish his energy before using Aura Spark again, he finally defeated the monster. The emanating red sword sliced the monster in half, destroying it and creating pixels of EXP.

    Level Two reached!
    ATK: +4
    DEF: +5
    AGL: +2
    MP: +3
    HP: +9

    Wind grinned, but his smile faded into a frown afterwards. There was a lot of work to be done....


    "Hey, you're already awake? Do you know how early it is?"

    I had just received a new class pack when Krane walked in, running his hands through his hair. My best friend stood there, eyeing me carefully. "It's 9 AM, and you usually sleep in. But you woke up for that CLOUD announcement."

    "You mean, the only network you don't use?" I frowned. "Be happy your paranoia got you outta this one, Krane."

    "Whaddya mean, 'outta this one?'"

    "My identity is on the line. Now being online matters more than... You know what? It's probably all over the news. Make yourself some coffee and see what's going on. Make me some, too. And toast. Preferably buttered."

    "What the heck are you talking about?"

    "Watch the news and make breakfast. I'm the one who invited you to my apartment after you got booted out of your old one, now you're going to get me some stuff before we lose it."

    "What the-"

    "WATCH THE NEWS, KRANE. For my sake." Krane walked out muttering under his breath, while I continued back on CLOUD. After watching the news, Krane was still muttering, but understanding, gave me the food and went back to his room. He had no input. Krane had no CLOUD account. He had always been paranoid over this kind of thing, so he really never made one no matter how hard I pestered him. And right when it seemed he was on the verge of making one, this happened. Returning to the computer screen, I scanned the area for any lesser monsters. Unfortunately, all seemed to be pretty damn strong.

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