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While the Ancients were raiding several homes, Snype decided to go and check one out himself. He could hear someone shouting from one of the homes... he couldn't make out what it was but whatever the case, there was a witness. Snype made it his own buisness to walk inside of the house. There were several mystical items laying around but that didn't really concern him. Whoever he heard wasn't inside. He heard something coming from the back yard... hrm.

"...out of here! Use dig!" Was all he heard as he got closer to his target. As Snype approached the back door he proceeded to cut through it. Outside he saw a Mismagius by herself. How suspicious. Was she the one doing all of the shouting? The folks here needed to learn how to be more incognito. He gave off a large grin toward her and leaned against the side of the door, preparing detect. Why not mess with her a little bit?

"Kehehe. Maybe you shouldn't scream so loud next time. Attracts too much attention." Snype said, snickering. Being a fairly new sentinel, the folks in Cape City likely wouldn't know just what he could do. Today was the perfect day to show he was sentinel material.

"Now then I got some questions for you since your the most suspicious one around. You'll answer them, or I'll drag you into the streets and force them out of you." Snype said bluntly.

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