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    I have a huge gripe about my current teacher for my intro to education course, jfc.

    It's pretty relevant as right now, she is easily my most HATED teacher. Not disliked or least favorite, but hated.

    The class meets once a week for three hours, most professors who have those class schedules just give us a lot of homework and give a brief review in class, which imo is how it should be with the limited class time. She does the exact opposite, she grades us on 20-question tests every week, I've had a test in her class for four weeks in a row (which isn't bad) but she piles on the content, and is extremely rushed/disorganized.

    So, we got our second test back yesterday. My first test was a 95% and I was really confident about this test. But she lays the news on us with the generic, "I don't know what happened with you guys..." before informing us the class average was 55% and nobody got higher than a 75%, I got a 65%.

    Uh...? Okay, so did she at least grade on a curve? LOL NOPE. She continued to blame us for our poor studying skills even though a majority of us aced the first test. She then went on how when we transfer to universities (I'm in community college) that all of their tests would be identical to hers. So this kid in the back corner spoke up and said, "I went to the University of Michigan for two years, and none of my professors used this teaching style." So she got huffy and retorted with just, "Well most of them do."

    Then she rants on how we need to properly review the answers for the quiz. I always write down all of my wrong answers to study from, and she went through the test reading off the answers and proceeding to the next question without even pausing for us to write them down, when some questions were a paragraph long. UH... REALLY PROF?

    Like a half hour later though she asked the UoM kid what campus he went to and he told her, then she got huffy again and was like, "Oh my daughter went to the other campus for 4 years for her undergrad and another 4 years for her dental hygienist certificate and all of her professors taught with this method so you just had an odd set of professors." LITERALLY. LITERALLY!

    The huge irony is she's teaching us how to be teachers when she can't even get herself together...

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