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    Originally Posted by Lugia_Da_Boss View Post
    Pokemon will make people buy the 3DS, and make it a popular console. Not that many people will be cut off, everyone is going to start buying 3DSes now and people have 9 months until X and Y are released(and it's not like they have to buy it then, they can always get a 3DS and it months or even years later if they want). But I wouldn't say that Pokemon isn't dying. Gold and Silver era was the peak of Pokemon's popularity and it's been going down rather fast since. 3DS won't add any more nails to the coffin though.
    I disagree, Pokemon has been getting much higher in quality since gold silver, remember, Black and White were the single most best selling Pokemon games both through preorder and after release, that's definitely a huge boost in popularity, Pokemon is in no way dying and shouldn't be considered as such.

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