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Originally Posted by Left 4 good View Post
Ace spec Dowsing Machine from Plasma storm?
on eBay americans selling it for £4 but UK people like £12 (only 1 UK seller)
and postage or americans is like £4
Have you tried checking the completed listings? That's what I use as a gauge for prices. I base it off of what it's consistently sold for. The way you bring up completed listings is to search for your item, and then on the left side of the site, click "More refinements..." and then choose the "Show Only" tab that pops up, check the "Completed Listings" box and click "Go". Your searches for the rest of the time you have that eBay tab open are now completed listings.

Prices for Dowsing Machine seem to be all over the place, with prices falling in the $5 to $15 range, but all over the range in there (most frequently $5 to $10).

As for the differences in price, the UK seller could have looked at what a retailer like Trollandtoad was selling it for and listed it for that price (generally not a good idea since it likely won't sell). That or it could just be that much more valuable in the UK (hard for me to gauge since all the completed listings I see are Stateside).
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