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Did lots since my last update. LOTS.

- Went back to defeat the trainers I skipped.
- Defeated Team Rocket in their hideout.
- Defeated Erika.
- Trained a Meowth until it finally learned Pay Day. Then went money grinding until I finally had enough money to buy Porygon.
- Bought a Porygon (the Duo!). Derp, forgot that Staryu existed else I would have done my run completely different.
- Evolved Pokemon until I had 40 in my pokedex for Amulet Coin.
- Went down to the Safari Zone to get Surf and Strength. Went to fill the pokedex too for Exp. Share.
- Went and got the Super Rod, then it was back to the Safari Zone to capture Slowpoke (at level 15...).
- Ran all over Silph Co. and created mayhem.
- Finally earned enough to buy Pinsir (the Valentine!). Taught it Rock Slide.
- Evolved Slowpoke and traded it for Lickitung (the Pink!) and taught it Strength.
- Next on the to-do list: Grind money for 2 Ice Beams and a Thunderbolt for Porygon and Vaporeon. This is a very expensive run...

The party:
The Duo: Porygon! Lv. 31

The Attraction: Dodrio! Lv. 37
Tri Attack|Fly|Attract|Peck

The Gift: Vaporeon!: Lv. 37
Surf|Aurora Beam|Bite|Quick Attack

The Pink: Lickitung! Lv. 37

The Flower: Venusaur! Lv. 42
Razor Leaf|Cut|Sleep Powder|Poison Powder

The Valentine: Pinsir! Lv. 18
Rock Slide|Focus Energy|Bind|Seismic Toss
Terriermon and Lopmon

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X: 2208 5685 5454
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