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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    II disagree with your last sentence, though. The only Colorless energy is Double Colorless, which can be very useful (for any Colorless Pokémon, or Charizard, etc.). I'd say figuring out if there's an excess card anywhere is a good place to start (the level of emergency can allow alternatives, of course).
    Colorless Energy is useless for Charizard. Any Colorless energy card can only be used to pay for Colorless energy requirements on a Pokemon. For example, if a Charizard required a Fire energy for one of its attacks, you cannot use a Colorless energy card for it.
    However, any energy card can be used to pay for any Colorless energy requirements.
    That is why it is much easier to pay for Colorless energy requirements and that makes the Colorless energy worthless/dispensable. Double Colorless is a useful card because it provides two energy at once and that is good for some cards with more then one colorless attack requirements.

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    Possibly, but you'd need to do it over and over for each AI profile (not the entire thing, of course, but significant amounts). I imagine strategy is the hardest thing to make an AI do, and that it's probably actually easier to let it deal with each card on its own merit rather than teach it how to follow a strategy. There's the added bonus of being able to adapt to changes in the game, such as shifting to an aggressive style when you can afford it (e.g. when you could win by being aggressive rather than following a stall-type AI profile).
    You are right about it taking more effort and time to create AI profiles. But IMO its worth it. I know a guy who is improving the AI from the good old "Age of Empires 2" because the included AI was dumb. You could beat the computer opponent in minutes in "extreme" mode. But after i updated with his patch i cant even beat in "middle". You know what he did? He made an independent AI for each Civilization! This way he maximized the use of their advantages in battle and minimized their wasteful behavior in terms of resources. If you are a AoE2 player i can link you to his site if you want.
    The point is that in some games it is smarter to make an specific AI which can handle a situation perfectly instead of making an general AI that can handle any situation average. I don't know if the TCG is one of these games but i think so.

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    The one big thing needed for creating a half-decent AI is testing. That means the game itself needs to work first, so I can throw out a release and let you all report on how the AI worked (noting any particular cleverness or stupidity), which then lets the AI be modified and improved. This is one of the reasons I'd like to concentrate only on one AI rather than a variety. It's also easier to troubleshoot.
    This is a good point! I can imagine that troubleshooting would be more time consuming if you have more then one AI which uses the same broken part. On the other hand you would know where to fix the other AI before you even look at it.
    But like i said i don't know much about programming myself. I just see interesting stuff people do and i try to apply it theoretically on other things.

    Originally Posted by p.claydon
    well the template i posted in the tcg section on here has decent deck icons and energy icons (different sizes)
    Could you post them here again if it doesnt bothers you?