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Update #7 - Almost done! I'm one of those people who hate grinding and try to avoid it as much as possible thus the levels of my Pokemon being really "underleveled" for this point of the game. :'D; Anyways.

- Defeated Erika. Bessie took out all of her Pokemon iirc.
- Went and did the Power Plant stuff so I can take on Misty.
- Bessie was KO'd by her first Pokemon. But Florida took care of the rest.
- Went and caught Snorlax for Leftovers, defeated the trainers on the route after, and then went through the Diglett Cave towards Pewter City.
- Took down Brock. Bessie took down his first two. Florida and Sunny took down the rest.
- Went to Mount Moon and faced my Rival.
- Then went down to the Seaform Island to take on Blaine. Bessie and Arthur took down his Pokemon.
- Finally went and faced Green Blue. Was a combination of a good chunk of my team thanks to being 10 levels or so under him. Of course, Bessie leaded the battle.
- Went to Professor Oak so I can gain access to Mt. Silver and now I'm trying to grind until I'm tired of doing so while trying to remember how to get through the dark area without Flash. Might just ... look it up or something.

Ty Lee | Magmar ( ♀ ) lv. 49 @ Charcoal
Flamethrower, Dizzy Punch, Thunderpunch, Sunny Day
The Gift

Thom | Sneasel ( ♂ ) lv. 48 @ Nevermeltice
Ice Punch, Faint Attack, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes
The Valentine

Sunny | Corsola ( ♀ ) lv. 49 @ Mystic Water
Ancientpower, Attract, Surf, Recover
The Attraction

Arthur | Nidorino ( ♂ ) lv. 50 @ Soft Sand
Earthquake, Strength, Ice Punch, Double Kick
The Duo

Bessie | Miltank ( ♀ ) lv. 50 @ Amulet Coin
Milk Drink, Shadow Ball, Rollout, Stomp
The Pink

Florida | Sunkern ( ♀ ) lv. 49 @ Miracle Seed
Synthesis, Petal Dance, Solarbeam, Sunny Day
The Flower

Love Slaves:
Oddish - Cut, Flash
Poliwag - Whirlpool, Waterfall
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