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    Originally Posted by CrystalMarina View Post
    Maybe when you help Santa you could have to deliver some presents to different people, the way you did at the start of the game, while you are looking for the berry to heal Stantler? Just an idea :)
    That might be doable, it would probably fit pretty well and be a believable thing Santa needed you to do. Not sure if I'll make him need a rare berry, or have him need a lot of normal berries the way the sick Miltank did in Gold or what I'll come up with. But I'll keep that in mind too!

    Originally Posted by CrystalMarina View Post
    Also I'm curious, what is the story with the guy in the cave that looks like a Secret Base that talks like he knows the player?
    He's the player from Spirits and Legends, but since that one isn't out yet, I'm not surprised that he confused some people. I've tried to introduce him a little better in the update I'm working on, and have him play a little more of a part in the story as well. (Plus I added his house to Cherrygrove for continuity, since Spirits and Legends is a prequel to this hack).

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