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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    I see you're forgetting Charizard's Pokémon Power. I know how energy works, and I still say that Double Colorless Energy is great in the right deck.
    I cant believe i forgot its ability. xD Maybe because I always preferred (and played) Blastoise over Charizard.

    And i didn't said Double Energy is a bad card. I said that it is better to remove a Colorless Energy from your Pokemon with "Super Energy Removal" then removing a Basic Energy because every Basic Energy can be paid for a Colorless energy requirement.

    And you once mentioned that you will make boosters for energy cards right?
    Maybe instead of this you should give an infinite number of each Basic Energy to the player. Basic Energies are always needed in mass and its bothersome to open boosters (even if they are for free) to get them.