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Originally Posted by MrElephant View Post
Wow this games seems cool. I am going to start playing this as soon as it come out. (I thought it had a download originally but it didn't)
Thank you. Yeah, we won't have a download for some time, as we are still making rough-drafts of the maps, and have yet to be "proof-read" by me.

Originally Posted by tImE View Post
You don't see a lot of fangames with GSC-graphics nowadays. It's nice to see.
Love what you've done so far. You've really taken the RSE-graphics and turned them into the Gen II-style nicely.

Look forward to seeing more from this!
I appreciate the comment. I agree there are too few GSC fangames, and there are reasons for it. Essentials is becoming more and more geared towards newer generations, and there are few resources for making such a game. Not to mention it's a matter of preference in graphics, honestly. However, the members of VPS Productions are all Metal Gen fanboys, so we intend to see this to the end. We are all fairly experienced with Essentials and pixel art, so we are confident in our ability to finish this. Not to mention I learned the basics from our very own Cilerba way back in the day.