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    Update time.

    So, my Abra Finally evolved, so I immediately took on Roark's gym. I wiped the floor with the first two trainers, not bothering to ignore them, as I was confident in Magic.Then, I went after Roark himself. With his Geodude,Cranidos and Onix only being levels 12, 14 and 12 again respectively, It was an easy win, due to Magic needing to be at Level 16 to even become a Kadabra, and then gained another level in the gym itself for a total of being at level 17, coming out of the gym leader battle at level 18.So...

    ...I received the Coal Badge.

    HUZZAH's all around. I've finally gotten somewhere!

    After that, I made my way to go back to jubilife, to use rock smash in the cave to the north...or that was my plan, but apparently Barry had other ideas.He didn't fight me like I expect though. He just ran off, as usual. I was going to go further, but I acidentally closed out my emulator. (Thank goodness I had saved after the badge, though.)

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