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    Ok here is my first update:

    -Choose Charmander as starter named him Slave
    -Did all the start stuff parcel etc
    -Grinded Charmander to lvl 18 so i could beat brock
    -Beat brock with metal claw
    -Went to route 3 and caught my first real team mate nidoranF named her Poison
    -trained Poison on route 3 for a while
    -Went into Mt.Moon and Poison Evolved into Nidorina
    -I then found a moon stone and evolved poison again into nidoqueen
    -Beat the team rocket grunts and got to Cerulean and did the thigs with Bill
    -Beat Misty with Poison quite easily
    -Got to Saffron and kept walking until i got to vermilion
    -I went into diglett cave and caught me the second pokemon of my team Hori the Diglett
    -I then went onto the S.S Anne and did the normal boring stuff and hori evolved into dugtri
    -I then went and taught cut to Slave so i could get into Lt. Surge's gym and beat him with ease.
    -I then did all the boring stuff and got back to cerulean and used cut to get to route 10 and get to rock tunnel
    -I got through rock tunnel and then walked to Lavender
    -And i have saved there
    Current Team:

    Hori the Dugtrio
    Lv 32

    Poison the Nidoqueen
    Lv 30

    And Slave the Charmeleon
    Lv 20