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Kilik Chambers - Cafeteria

The cafeteria had plenty of food around. Kilik wasn't drooling, but everything was tempting to eat. Valorie seemed occupied by whatever. He saw Mark get pushed towards her. Best leave the lovebirds alone. Good luck Kiyoko.

Speaking of Kiyoko, Kilik thought how long 'til it feels right to talk to him. He's probably still not comfortable around him. Hopefully, in due time, Kiyoko will come to trust Kilik. "Um..." This place wasn't suiting Kilik very well. Who does he have to talk to? First, he should get some food first. He got himself a plate & placed on it some mashed potatoes & ham. Kilik wasn't really hungry, but if he was, more than usual, a second ham would be suitable. With just that food, Kilik looked around for some drinks. He noticed Mana & Draco around. He didn't really know them that well. Oh, strangeness has occured: Fox bit Mana's leg. Guess Mana went into her kitty mode just now.

"Sigh..." Kilik stood standing by himself, his eyes wandering around as he ate his food. He soon gets some soda to drink. This was okay, though it would be better if his parents were here. Actually, Kilik wasn't handling the situation well. He tried his hardest not to cry. So far so good...

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