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Originally Posted by jov0006 View Post
I agree with the fill pokedex as story progresses suggestion. I mean we WILL have over 700 pokemon to catch. A zoo could help us see them all much quicker, and i wouldnt be surprised if the regional dex for x and y is at least 300 pokes. Knowing pokemon, they'll want us trade with each other to get every pokemon so a zoo could be great for uncatchable pokemon in gen 5-6.
Why do you think this? I figure they'll add 100 new Pokémon to the mix, and yes, there will be older ones in the regional Dex. However, I can't see them putting another 200 in there. 300 is possible if they add at least half that in new entries. They could also pull an Unova and make the regional Dex only new ones at first again.

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