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Mako Reese and Cecilia (Gin) Reese

Mako looked away and scratched his head. "I guess I never really expected that I'd need to give a reason." He looked behind him at his sister. He wanted to protect her, and it became painfully clear after the incident with the two assailants that he wasn't qualified to take care of her alone. Still, since the little episode he had, he felt stronger. Much stronger. That didn't necessarily make him a better fighter, though. He was worried, his sister meant the world to him. At times, he wished that he'd never returned home, that Cecilia would have remained in her mother's care and that the two would live a happy, quiet life. He blamed himself for all of this.

But he couldn't tell Cecilia that; she looked up to him. If she were to find out that he was incapable of protecting her, then she would start protecting him, and that would put her in more danger. No, he needed these Bay and the girls to make up for his insecurities, to cover his weaknesses. He trusted them. Things were changing: he wasn't able to contact Kraus anymore, and the blackouts had suddenly stopped, and his mind and his body- his entire character was changing in ways he wasn't prepared for. He needed others to support him.

He looked at Lucy and bore a huge smile. "Well, I couldn't possibly leave my little chick-a-dees to face this dangerous world on their own, y'know?"
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