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    chapter two; VELVET LIGHTS
    Meredith Hudson // Viridian Forest // Post Three

    Meredith and Nidoran had managed to get a couple of hours sleep during the night, aided by a small fire which had seemed to take forever to light. The pair had cleaned up their small camp area well before sunrise, aiming to get out of the forest as soon as possible, even if it took all day to do it. Meredith still didn’t know where she was but had noticed the surrounding shrub and trees seemed to be thinning out. It may have been her imagination but it seemed they were getting closer and closer to the edge of the forest.

    They ate a mediocre breakfast, a couple of crackers each and a muesli bar. Meredith could only dream of chilled orange juice with rashes of bacon and eggs. Nidoran was dreaming of juicy sweet berries found back near his home.

    “Come on Nidoran; let’s get going before one of us ends up hallucinating or something,”

    Rolling up her sleeping bag had been the toughest part of the day so far, for it would not get back into the small roll it had been in. With her bag bulging and Wartortle’s Pokemon still safely tucked away, the pair trekked onwards, making sure to snuff out the remaining smoky fire before they left the clearing.

    There were all sorts of sounds coming alive as the sun rose to meet them, filtering through the leafy trees as they walked.

    “Nidoran, this looks like a path to me!” Meredith said excitedly, as the pair came across a decent sized track that was littered with leaves. It had to be a path though; it seemed to snake in and out of the trees, clearing the way for travellers. “Look! There are even foot prints!”

    Nidoran’s ears pricked up and he looked extremely pleased, bounding onto the track as Meredith did so. Right in the center, as clear as day, foot prints that seemed to be larger than Meredith’s headed down the path. There were another set of prints beside the first, much smaller and seemed to be about the size of Nidoran’s paws.

    “Hopefully we can get outta here and get Wartortle to a Pokemon Center! Maybe we don’t have such bad luck after all! Let’s follow these Nidoran,”

    Meredith had spoken too soon. Amongst all the different noises that filled the forest, there was one that stuck out. The same crunching and breaking of twigs sounds that preceded the attack from the rogue Heracross emitted along the track.

    Meredith instantly looked to Nidoran, fear all over her face. Nidoran’s ears pricked as he picked up the sound and where it was coming from.

    “Nido! Nidoran, Nido!” Nidoran’s call was urgent as he bounded down the track, indicating desperately for his trainer to follow him.

    “I thought we got rid of that thing!” Meredith said, looking around as she ran, trying not to trip. The pair ran for as long as they could, before Meredith was breathing hard and Nidoran had stopped, his ears pricking, searching for any sign of the noise from before.

    With her hands on her knees, Meredith looked at Nidoran, who looked back at his trainer with a grave look.

    “We’re not out of the clear yet?” Meredith whispered, afraid of what might jump out at them. She knew Nidoran could protect them but not for long.

    Nidoran shook his head in reply, still listening. He could only faintly hear the crunching noise now; it was replaced by another sound altogether. Nidoran could hear voices. Voices were a good thing, Nidoran thought. It meant they might be one step closer to getting out of here.

    “Nido!” Nidoran pointed down the trail with one paw before jogging off in the direction he’d proposed, willing his trainer to follow.

    “Nidoran? Where are you going?” Meredith continued to whisper, looking around at the shrub for any sign of the Heracross before turning to follow Nidoran.

    The path continued to wind in and out of the trees, shielding Meredith from seeing the majority of what was in front of her until the very last second. It was at this very last second that the path led straight out into another small clearing and the voices suddenly became very obvious.

    Meredith was so surprised that she stopped in her tracks altogether, her mouth hanging open a little, only able to stare at what she saw.

    A small fire was just burning out, the smoke wafting in the breeze. A young boy sat leaning against a tree, his eyes still closed, and a worried look on his face. Two Pokemon, both Meredith had never laid eyes upon before lay by the boy’s side.

    “Nido! Nidoran, Nido!” Nidoran’s loud cry was intended to wake up the sleeping trio but Meredith didn’t expect Nidoran to do that.

    “Shush! Nidoran, you’ll wake them up!”

    Nidoran looked back at his trainer with a confused look on his face. They needed this boy to help them though, why would she stop him from waking them up?

    With a worried look on her face, Meredith held her breath as she saw the boy begin to stir…

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