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...and finally, at around 71 hrs, I've beaten it.

Overall, it was a pretty entertaining game. My only complaint is the difficulty, though. To me, there's a fine line between hard/challenging and unreasonable. While I love challenging games, this one took it way out there, often driving me to the point of frustration and insanity. Many times, I found myself grinding levels just to get past one tough trainer. My Pokemon ended up all being Lv100 by the end, and even so, I still had trouble, especially with that jerk of a final boss. xD

The game is still a bit buggy, most notably where certain scripted events reoccur if you happen to go back to that area later. Though not game-breaking in any way, I found myself using the battles from these events to grind a little as well. xD

And Adrian. Oh sweet Arceus, Adrian. He's almost unreasonably difficult. I wonder if I'm the only one to beat him without a Ferrothorn. The battle with him took so many restarts(and savestates), it isn't funny. It was mainly his Mewtwo, Lugia, and Cresselia that kept screwing me over.

I don't think there are any post-game stuff, so I guess I'll end my playthrough there. Good luck on the sequel, and here's hoping it's difficulty is toned down significantly. I'll be looking forward to seeing how it turns out.