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    Mrs. Holloway: 4th grade teacher. People talked about how vicious she was but she wasn't that bad.
    In fact I had some of my best times in her class.

    Mr. Greer: My 7th grade math teacher; he got me into match. Before I had his class I didn't like math at all and it would be one of my worst subjects, but I ended up getting an A in that class and I could skip 8th grade math because of it.

    Mr. Smith: My 8th grade spanish teacher. He was nice to everyone, never yelled (he seemed incapable of it, honestly), and he made spanish fun.

    Mrs. Burgess: My Algebra II teacher. Bit of a nutcase, but the main reason I did so well in her math class was because she gave me a lot of chances to make up tests/quizzes. Probably would have failed if I had anyone else.

    Coach Bakerr: History teacher my junior year. Really down to earth; he was like a friend with authority, but he didn't abuse it or anything. I have casual conversations with him every now and then. He made History really fun.

    Coach Cook: Football coach. Excellent motivator, convinced me to stick around even when I didn't want to, and I don't regret it one bit. Don't know where I would be without him.

    I don't really have a teacher that I dislike; they're just trying to help you with life. I've had some that were, well, strict but I never really got any teacher's bad side.
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