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    Right now, we're just looking at it being a "The need of the plot outweighs the need of the logic." It might be more logical for a trainer to pick the starter Pokemon they'd have the easiest time with, but if the plot calls for it, then have the character go the more "illogical" route and have them pick the starter Pokemon that will give them the most difficult time.

    I was looking at it with the ability and want to choose because that's what I used for my own writing. My character got a starter Pokemon who would be willing to work with a new trainer that didn't know anything. Then again, most of the trainer fics I've read don't always deal with the "trainer and starting Pokemon struggle to understand each other." There's always some other interesting plot/conflict to the story to read about, and ways to develop the trainer/Pokemon relationship. Typically, there's more than one Pokemon on a trainer's team that needs to develop a relationship. Any one of them could be the one that gives the trainer the most problems. It doesn't have to be the starter. The starter could be the easiest one for the trainer to get along with.

    I'm also stuck on the idea that these are the first Pokemon little Timmy and Tina Trainer are going to handle. To me, I'd think that the Pokemon chosen to be handed out are specifically bred and raised to be a little easier to handle than the wild Pokemon attacking others. They're not all going to be like Pikachu, who isn't a typical starter. (And, in any canon that mentions it that I know of, is a wild Pokemon without any/little human contact before Ash meets it.)

    Though there is conflict between trainer and starter if the starting Pokemon is difficult to handle, it shouldn't always be the way to go. If everyone did that, it's not going to be interesting to see over and over again.

    Then again, this whole discussion is moot if your fic doesn't have the option of choosing from multiple members of the same Pokemon species. If little Timmy is stuck forever with a prick of a Bulbasaur because Professor Tree is also a massive prick, then go ahead. But if the plot doesn't necessarily call for the illogical choice of little Timmy's prick Bulbasaur, and he chooses the Bulbasaur that helps him out to catch a prick of a Spearow as some other conflict for the plot happens, then I don't see any reason to use it. Unless little Timmy makes decisions like that, in which case... Good luck, Timmy.

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