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    chapter two; Velvet Lights
    Ben Tobin // Viridian Forest // pt. 3

    Ben dreamed fitfully in his sleep. In the dream he was very young. He was sprinting uphill and no matter how fast he ran the hill seemed to go on and on. He did not tire however and pressed on. He was following a Pokemon. One he could not clearly identify. He called out to it but his voice was strange, not his own. His legs felt stiff and after a seemingly endless trek up the hill he crested the rise and looked out over a city. He knew the familiar buildings but could not place a name to it.

    He became aware of a figure beside him and he looked up into the kind old eyes of his grandfather. The elderly man placed a hand gently on his head, ruffling his black hair he smiled.

    “Good to see you, Ben.” His grandfather said.

    “Grandpa where’s Grandma?” Ben asked.

    “Oh she’s at home, working on a project. You know how she is.”

    “Can we go see her?”

    “Yes I believe we can. But first I must discuss something with you.”

    The two started down the hill slowly, drawing near to the town there were people walking about, talking and laughing but their faces were blurred, bizarre which scared the young Ben and he hugged his grandfather’s leg as they walked along the path to the house which lay on the town’s limits.

    “One day, you’re going to get a Pokemon of your own and you’re going to leave this town. Your grandmother and I have been here all our lives. We have rarely ventured to Pewter or the other cities around, save when necessary.”
    Ben barely heard him. He watched the strange people about nervously, unsure.

    “We knew that you had great potential. We wanted you to have the chance to see the world, son.” His grandfather said.

    “Your parents, god bless them. They were unprepared for your birth. They left you in our care and we gave them our word we would raise you right. You see it is not an easy task, raising a boy. Your mother wanted to be a Gym Leader but she could never quite make it.”

    “Why not?”

    “Well, I’m not quite sure. She loved you dearly and never intended to leave you with us but she simply could not care for you as you needed. To this day I believe she does not regret what she has done for you have grown to be a fine young man with us and I am proud of you. I believe one day you will be ready to leave this town as I have always wanted to.”

    His grandfather opened a doorway which lead into their home where his grandmother was knitting a hat. Red around the band and with a soft white texture at the top. She smiled as they came in.

    “There’re my two men.” She said.

    The room changed just then. Glowing a fierce bright white and Ben shielded his eyes and he felt himself changing. He was even younger, in his grandfather’s arms as they stood in a darkened room. They were in a strange building with graves all around. But the graves were not the graves of people but of Pokemon. His grandfather stood before the grave which was engraved; Alice the Poliwhirl. The bravest Poli who ever lived. She died proudly.

    “Grandpa?” Ben asked, fear heavy in his voice he looked up at his grandfather’s features, grim he watched as a single tear rolled down his grandfather’s face and he hugged his chest tightly.

    “Where are we?”

    “This is Pokemon Tower, son. We’re paying our respects to a good friend.

    “I don’t like this place Grandpa.”

    “I know son. I know. I’m sorry for bringing you along.”

    The room changed once more and he was much older, sitting in an expansive meadow pulling up tufts of grass when a stout little Meowth came bounding up the field, carrying his hat, streaked with dirt.

    “You found it!” He said, smiling big as the cat Pokemon placed the hat in his lap and he got to his feet with his hat in his hands. His grandfather was coming up the field through the trees, grinning as Meowth turned to the old man and clapped his paws happily.

    “This one has got a good nose on him. He found your hat in no time. “

    “Hey! Mister Tobin!” A voice called out and an older boy came striding through the grass, Pokeball in hand.
    “I finally got my first Pokemon! You wanna battle? I need to test him out.”

    “Not right now son. Ben and I were just headed home.”

    “Awwww come on. You said you’d give me some tips when I got my partner.”

    Ben looked on enviously at the older boy as he released a strange green Pokemon with a bulb on his back who growled playfully.

    “A Bulbasaur huh? That’s a fine partner you’ve got son. Ben do you mind?”

    “No sir. I’d love to watch!” Ben said happily, pulling on his hat as his Grandfather drew a Pokeball of his own. He pressed the button on the center and out came a Growlithe, howling excitedly and staring down the Bulbasaur.
    “Let’s see how you deal with a type disadvantage son.” His grandpa said.

    “We’ll do just fine Mister Tobin! Bulbasaur, Vine Whip!” The bulb on the Grass-type’s back released two thick vines which snared the Growlithe on his forepaws, lifting him off his feet and tossing him a few feet away down the meadow but the Growlithe landed on his feet and smirked, glancing at Ben’s grandfather.

    “A fine move son but you’re going to have to get creative when facing down an opponent with an advantage. Charlie, Ember!” Charlie the Growlithe howled once more, his jaws glowing with flames as he shot out a few bursts of flame, the Bulbasaur ducking some but catching the rest in a direct hit, stepping back a bit, squinting under the heat of the attack.

    “You can do it Bulbasaur! Leech Seed!” The boy called out but the Growlithe was ready, he leaped over the attack and shot out a second blast of ember which struck the Bulbasaur on his bulb making him cry out a bit as he released another blast of Leech Seed, catching Charlie off guard as he was wrapped in the vines and his energy was drained.
    “Well thought out. Now you’re getting it.” Ben’s grandfather said with a smile of admiration.

    “The battle’s not over yet though, Charlie, burn through the vines!” Charlie had been biting at the thick coarse vines and now he understood, his jaws bursting with flame as he seared the vines which released him and he was on all fours once more, seeming to grin at the Bulbasaur.

    “Now Bulbasaur! Sleep Powder!” The Grass-type released a cloud of green spores from his bulb, narrowly missing Charlie who ran at a fast clip down the meadow, avoiding the attack and blasting his little embers down range at the Bulbasaur who attempted to duck and dodge the balls of flame but he was hit a few times and sat back on his haunches, flustered.

    “C’mon Bulbasaur! Show ‘em what you’re made of! Sleep Powder but control it this time!” The boy commanded and the Bulbasaur obeyed, emanating the same emerald spore from his bulb which Charlie deftly avoided but this time the Grass-type shot forth a second and larger cloud which coated Charlie who rolled on his side in the grass, sound asleep.

    “Very well played young man!” Ben’s grandfather said, recalling Charlie. “You get a rest Charlie. You did great.”
    Ben had watched the battle in awe and now he stood and clapped loudly, grinning from ear to ear and the boy blushed a bit, running a hand through his hair.

    “Thanks for the battle Mister Tobin, sir. You really showed me and Bulbasaur we’re ready. We’re gonna head out for Route 2 later. Gonna go get him healed at the Pokemon Center.”

    “Happy to help you and your new partner train son. Good luck to you in your travels.”

    “Thank you sir.”

    Ben was so lost in the battle he had forgot he was dreaming. The scene before him evaporated and he could hear the sounds of the forest as he opened an eye, sitting up against the tree and stretching, yawning a bit he straightened his hat and looked down at Lucy and Zeus who were still asleep he smiled, poking the fire a bit which was now merely ashes. He had forgotten the noise which had awoken him until he heard it again.

    “Nido! Nidoran! Nido!” The voice said and he looked up to see a girl standing at the edge of the clearing and a cute little Nidoran at her side, pointing in his direction. He got to his feet and smiled, happy to see a friendly face in the forest.

    “Hello!” He called, crossing the clearing to meet the girl. “That’s an adorable Nidoran you have.”
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