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    Originally Posted by tImE View Post
    Now, here's my remake of Ceruelan City.

    (I'd also like some feedback as to wether I should use some kind of underlying concrete in the city, like Jubilife City or if I should keep it as it is.)
    PS: The Bridge is a placeholder, and the top right corner with empty water is undecorated til I've made the route north.

    It's pretty accurate minus a few things, if you are going for as close as possible

    1) there shuold be a second path coming from the east of the bridge area, doesn't have to be connected to the bridge, just have one

    2) There should be two cut trees in the south fence of the city, and on the East exit (East exit would also need a boulder)

    3) You should probably extend the southern-most paths as they do just keep on going, and consider using light posts there if you want

    Overall this map is very well done just these minor issues, I remember your Route 4 map had many errors in it but this is a vast improvement.


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