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    Emerald down! Started off with Treecko, and caught a Lotad soon after. Other team members included Lileep, Tropius and Kecleon. I usually don't use this many Pokémon, which made this challenge so much more fun, since I wasn't as overlevelled as I usually am. Everyone in the team had their strong points, such as Sceptile and Ludicolo being powerhouses, while Cradily was more of a tank. Tropius was a Pokémon that I was thinking about dropping, because it wasn't that useful. In the end I decided to keep it, because with some better moves it made itself useable here and there. Kecleon was way better than I expected, and I had some fun with its Color Change ability. It's definitely a Pokémon I'll consider using again.

    My team members were around Lv 51-52 when I entered the Pokémon League. Drake and Wallace were definitely the most annoying ones, but I prevailed in the end.

    Hall of Fame:


    Galleth the Sceptile, Lv 52 (♂)
    Item: Soft Sand
    Brick Break, Earthquake, Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace

    Henriette the Ludicolo, Lv 53 (♀)
    Item: Silk Scarf
    Surf, Fake Out, Waterfall, Ice Beam

    Octavio the Cradily, Lv 53 (♂)
    Item: Lax Incense
    AncientPower, Amnesia, Sludge Bomb, Confuse Ray

    Contessa the Tropius, Lv 51 (♀)
    Item: Miracle Seed
    Giga Drain, SolarBeam, Body Slam, Fly

    Thaddeus the Kecleon, Lv 52 (♂)
    Item: Magnet
    Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Slash
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