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    Originally Posted by jov0006 View Post
    I find this really annoying in the pokemon games. Nintendo cops out dialogue with blacking out. I would like to see the overworld once we lose a battle and for a trainer to say: 'Yes! I won! Here, I'll escort you back to the pokemon centre.' or 'You can try try try again but you cannot defeat the Elite Four. Take the lift down back to the pokemon centre.' Followed by an uncontrollable movement scene where you heal your pokemon and your escort says, 'If you want a rematch I'll be waiting where I was before.' Then they walk outsidde of the pokemon centre.
    No thank you!

    Anything that involves me waiting longer to get back to the poke centre to heal is absolutely not a good thing. Being uncontrollably lead all the way to the pokemon centre at snails pace would be infuriating.

    I don't really mind they don't include it...I mean it's not really important. We can assume they rushed to the poke centre. It's trivial stuff.

    That said it would be nice if npcs had a memory, so they would say something different to you depending on whether you won or lost the last battle.
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