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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    I like the idea of multiple bad guys. They can be scripted to appear in earlier maps to look at different things in other regions while preparing their work, but you may not necessarily know who they are yet. Once you reach the later areas, older evil teams trying to re-glorify themselves can suddenly put in an appearance, like in the anime when Team Rocket confronts Team Aqua or Team Magma.

    I do too, I would love to see how all the different teams would react to each other. It would be interesting to see if a hierarchy of evil would develop. (some being obviously more evil than others)

    The Team Magma/Aqua villains have always been my favourite. I want to see more clashes like this.

    On another note I would like to see something like an admin turning to good (kinda like Silver except they're meaner and cruel) or some character who keeps switching loyalties. Morally mysterious characters are always my favourite.

    (I don't think N really counts because he was never cruel, just misguided.)
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