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1# Update for Crystal


-got Giraffe the(F)
-defeated ???
-caught Batman the(M)
-done Sprout Tower
-grindingagainst the Unown

*beat it withand his Bite

-got the Egg
-Giraffe evolved in Union Cave into
-caught Amnesia thein Slowpoke's Well
-grinded to Water Gun


-defeated ???
-got the Odd Egg
-hatched Feet the
-gave him a Protein
-grinded everyone to at least level 18
-Feet evolved intojust before Whitney


-taught Attract to
-defeated Kimono Girls
-caught Moo the
-done Lighthouse
-Batman evolved intoat Ecruteak Gym

*made it to the end

*defeatedwithandwith bothand

-defeated Euginius
-Jasmine'sis too strong for myI'm grinding a little xD
-defeated team rocket at their hideout

*defeatedandthe others

*sOHKOed everyone this time

-Batman evolved at Radio Tower into
-defeated ???
-defeated Team Rocket
-done Ice Road

*defeated the firstthe others were almost easy

-Giraffe evolved intowhile backtracking to New Bark
-done Victory Road

Will 3/5 2mons were weak butsaved me xD
Koga 2/5anddefeated him easily
Bruno 2/5 he's always easy xDandmade it
Karen 1/5 ,and
Lance 4/5 10 levels was hard to survive but with some Flashes we made it

I made HoF screenshots but I'm too lazy to post them xD
I'm actually travelling to Kanto BTW :D
On going Challenges:
RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons