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    Originally Posted by pokemonmasteraaron View Post
    Oh vapes, you didn't just go there. I'm only half joking.
    I take offense to that. I'm not joking about that. I am hurt, but more than anything, I think you are misinformed.
    Pokémon is actually a popular game for the visually empared to play, because of it's reasonable accessibility.
    I've beaten Pokémon Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, Firered, Emerald, Diamond, Platenum, Soul Silver, White, and White2. I only have 3 videos on my YouTube channel of me playing Pokémon, and that is volt white.
    However, this guy is a friend of mine and he has posted some gameplay of him playing through some Pokémon games.
    I realize that you have never heard of such a thing before, but if you have any questions, we can talk on skype or via pm or vm, the speculation isn't the place to talk about this.
    I agree with pokémonmasteraaron in that you're being prejudiced when you asked him how he could ever play Pokémon games without proper eyesight, vaporeon7. As long as pokémonmasteraaron can memorize the layout of each major menu, battle, overworld, and cave scene after having it described to him by someone who can see, I'm sure he would be able to play his games just fine. Video games are the great equalizer; look at me: I'm legally blind with vision between about 20:150 and 20:160, and I can still see well enough to play most games. Mind you, I have to hold a system pretty close to my face in order to see everything properly and, in some games, wish that I could temporarily invert the colors shown on the screen to make low-contrast text easier to read, but I can generally manage by tweaking the angle at which the light hits the screen. That may be slightly harder to do with the modern, backlit screens of my original Nintendo DS and original NIntendo 3DS than it was and still is on my original Game Boy Advance, but games are generally easier to play with an internal light source.

    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    This, though I'm starting to doubt a PBR-like spin-off would ever occur. x_x;
    Yeah, I'm more optimistic about a Coliseum-type spin-off in which the battle menus are moved down to the Game Pad like they were moved down to the Nintendo DS's Touch Screen in Generation IV and the battling style resembles Generation VI's more than it does Coliseum's (that game, especially its battle sequences, takes forever! Seriously!?!)

    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    With Gen 6 being in 3D and having its own Random Battle Match-up. What would be the point in making a new Stadium like game. Most likely they'd not have any Mini games to play, like how PBR was. And having a console story based RPG like Colosseum seems a waste now that we can take the same up to date graphics with us in our pockets/backpack/purses since they will have stories too.

    We may have ended the home console Pokemon games in Gen 4 with PBR. Random match up seems to be the main reason why Gen 5 didn't get a stadium like game.

    IMO Gen 6 seems to have surpassed the need for stadiums...Pokemon X and Pokemon Y could have built in Stadium like settings too.
    Maybe X and Y could stream local tournaments to Wii Us for display on HDTYs if it and the 3DS have enough horsepower to handle something like this? The Game Cube was able to move video streams of Ruby and Sapphire up on to a standard-definition TV via a link cable in the Pokémon Box game, so I don't see why it couldn't be done wirelessly these days, especially since it's been two hardware generations and the Wii U handles the Game Pad's graphics over WiFi and/or Bluetooth at the same time as its processing the normal A/V stream.
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