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    Wow! Well, even if it is fake, I think you might keep it, for novelty value and just because you bought it.
    I'm afraid I'm not able to provide much assistance, but I did look up Bulbapedia's Error Cards page and I couldn't find Omastar on there. Is this Omastar card fairly new? (How long would it have taken for somebody else to notice, in the hypothetical case that all Omastar cards contain that error?) Because if it somewhat recent, there's a chance that it hasn't been added onto the Error Cards page yet. I also couldn't find Omastar on the error and misprint list on a site called Pojo (which I have never heard of before, but it came up on Google).

    HOWEVER, in case you haven't seen it yet, I found this! (Unless that's you on DeviantArt. Hehe.) So, somebody else has noticed!

    Anyways, I apologize that I'm not really able to help much! All the information I have (which is very little, anyway) I found via a couple quick searches on Google. But I wish you luck!
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