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    Aria - Home at last

    Aria finally settled down, only chuckling slightly. She walked over to Makoto, and put a firm hand on his shoulder.

    "Now listen here," she said, the out-of-place accent gone. "If I were going insane, I surely wouldn't be laughing like that. See, I grew up talking like that, and got rid of it most of the way, and finished it off when I met Spark for the first time. Don't worry about it. It's gone now." Aria nodded, and began walking again, saying, "I don't know about you two, but I want to get home!"

    As they entered the town, she was greeted with an abcence of life. There seemed to be not a single thing in sight, human or otherwise. She quickly ran to the entrance to the farm, finding the sign half broken. As she ran to the townhouse, she quickly saw more and more signs of disuse. Well, she had been gone for a few months. She quickly arrived at the house to thankfully find it in almost pristine condition, even though it required some sprucing up. She walked into her dust covered house, tears filling her eyes as memories flooded in... Her father had told her stories in that rocking chair, her in his large lap, until she was 12, the kitchen, where they'd make pies for the entire town every year... Among other things, the shelf of pictures remained the most memorable. She finally broke down as she dusted off a picture of her dad and his brother, who she'd hardly met but was still great friends with, in front of what used to be a barn. The cheery smile on both of their faces cut right through to her soul, thus the crying began. She sat in her father's large rocking chair, holding the picture close. The empty gap left by her father's death had opened back up, and she didn't know how to fill it in again.

    Now, now child, is it really that bad? There is no cause to fret. You have us two wih you no matter what! We will never leave you, no matter what you're going through, Eve said kindly. Aria nodded, and dried her tears. There was no reason to cry. She had more than family with her at all times! She quickly got up, dusted herself off, and replaced the picture among its companions.
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