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Originally Posted by Febbe View Post

I have a question i have beaten Fire red with only my arbok can i get into this Challenge? i have screenshots of hall of fame and a screenshot of the 2nd slaying of the champion where Arbok is at lvl. 100.
I don't quite understand the question. Are you asking to be put in the champions list? If yes then no problem I'll change it right away, it would be good to see the screenshot though its not manditory. Also for the Kanto games the challenge ends when your beat the champion, your rival, the first time so whatever you do after that is up to you.
Originally Posted by Febbe View Post
i only used other pokes to capture enough pokemon after the first elite four to get to sevii islands 4-7
Using your slaves and whatnot to catch other Pokemon is fine, just don't fight any trainers unless its with the Pokemon you're soloing with.
Originally Posted by Febbe View Post
and in double battles where i just shifted between my hm slaves so they didn't have to attack?
As for the double battles that's completely understandable, when it comes to them its really up to you what to do. I normally just KO the slaves though switching between them seems like a better option, wish I thought of that.
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