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Atreyu came and picked up a starter kit, turning into his more menacing form before putting it on. Ryuujinx gave him a cheerful smile before she jumped out of the way from an attack by a large humanoid monster with a horse's head. CLOUD really was strange when designing some things. She launched a Black Ray at the monster, who's health went down a little. Ryuujinx had never really played as a caster before. She guessed that what she'd need to do was spam Black Rays until she learned something better.

Knowing that if she attacked every monster in sight, she would get their aggro and attention and that wouldn't be good for a caster class with low defense, she instead focused on this horse headed manbeast. Unfortunately, the monster reached her before she could bring its health down completely.

She wanted to jump away, but her body was slower than usual; it was the burden of a caster class. She cursed as the large fists of the monster slammed down upon her and pressed her against the floor. Her health bar went down to about half. From that single attack? They really were down at the bottom of the leveling grid now!

"Heal! Heal me!" she shouted to whoever could have picked up a healer kit from the drop, while she got up and ran to the back of the group, trying to put some close range fighters between herself and the monster. Its large head squealed in a horse-like way before it locked eyes with her again. She launched a Black Ray and hoped that she'd soon learn some more clever technique other than a direct attack. The creature moved towards her.

"Tank! I need a tank!" she then shouted, remembering that casters in her old raids always wanted heavily armored people to protect them. That was the key to surviving. Tanks protected casters, speedy attackers moved around on their own and healers made sure that the right person was healed at the right moment. She had been one of the speedy people who could mostly take care of themselves with an occasional healing. Things had changed now.

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