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Chapter Two: Part Eight
Cries for Attention

Kiyoko adorned a pathetic pouty face, though to no avail, as the two began talking. He was told to go find food, though... How? This place was full of big people who could step on him, or take him, or... Nothing good. Who else was he supposed to go to? He looked around until he found that Drake guy, and tugged at his leg, hoping to get his attention. "Excuse me sir... Um... Can you help me find food? She's... Too busy to help me..."



Chapter One: Part Eleven
An (Un)Safe Arrival!

Psywave? While blinded? It didn't look like a likely hit. She watched as it seemed to actually hit... Pidge's wing. Huh. No effect. "Pidge, uh... Kick up a Gust mixed with a sand-attack!!" On command, Pidge flapped her large, glistening wings, causing a bit of a small tornado, which picked up dust and dirt from the forest floor, swirling in the wind before being sent toward Jello.

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