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    2nd update
    -Traveled to vermilion city and done all the SS Anne stuff
    -Caught an oddish named it slave and taught it cut and flash
    -Went into the gym and beat it using Paras (Toad) by using Dig
    -went through Dark Tunnel
    -Arrived in Lavender Town and beat Blue in the pokemon tower
    -Travelled to celadon city, bought a couple of TM’s, got the tea and beat Erika
    -Spent a while in the game corner to get Scyther and named him Edward and also got shadowball and taught it to Butterfree
    -Went onto route 16 to get Fly

    Team at this point:
    Beedrill (Lance) level 31
    -Poison sting
    -Aerial ace

    Parasect (Toad) level 27
    -Bullet Seed

    Butterfree (Ozzy) level 27
    -Sleep Powder
    -Shadow Ball

    Scyther (Edward) level 27
    -Focus Energy
    -Wing Attack

    p.s. can I hack in a pinsir and a heracross?