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    Originally Posted by Noossab Blue View Post
    Help Needed
    -Route 3 has snow but does not cause hail in-battle. I'd like to fix this.
    --On a related note, the battles show up in sand because of the footprints behavior byte...
    -The marowak encounter in pokemon tower is too low a level. I thought this would be an easy fix but apparently not...
    -The menu for pokemon prizes at the game corner...I downloaded multichoice editor but can't get it to work...
    -I'm interested in making some visual changes to the hack (like the title screen, world map, possibly a new pair of heros, maybe even a new tile set) but am not an artist nor am I capable of inserting images...
    hey look I can actually help with one of these...

    to rewrite the game corner prize list... you need advancetext

    it does not have what your are looking for exactly, but if you go to search, type in the work you are lookig for "ABRA" and select "start from beginning of text" (or something like that) it will find every time ABRA is used... and when you see one that has "ABRA [some slashes and numbers][a couple more] 800C" that is the one you want, tell it to add to ini, then you can edit it, and repoint it (if needed) one selection at a time... search CLEFAIRY next then DRATINI or whoever you need to edit...

    also the offsets are in decimal... and they will be close to eachother (16 something if I recall)

    atleast thats how I did it in my hack...

    I am assuming you already actually changed the pokemon the woman gives you aswell as the cost. so you should know what you are changeing them to...

    keep an eye on those [slashes and numbers] in my mind they work like a [Tab] button... they account for a large space, if you are changing 800C to 1200C you are usingmore characters so you will need to alter the [slachse and numbers] just look at the one on another pokemon that uses the same amount of digits and copy that one... (1200C is 5 characters where 800C is only 4)

    just to keep everything lined up...

    I hope I made since... im not really good at this I just worked out that particular problem for my own hack

    (abras only 180C isnt he... you get the picture dont ya)
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