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LitC Challenge
-I went straight to Bugsy's Gym. Paula was leading and she poisoned Scyther, then I switched to Lloyd. The cocoons were no problem, but tons of things happened while fighting Scyther. Metronome gave me a Taunt, a Whitdraw and a Minimize boost, and then Conversion, so I got a STAB Extrasensory. Combine that with Sweet Kiss and...Hive Badge obtained!
-Just before entering Ilex Forest, I got challenged by Mercury. Lloyd swept through his entire team. Afterwards, I got in the forest. Had to look for some lost Farfetch´d.
-In the forest, I met another girl in a kimono, and then I finally got out of there. Had to skip the trainers in Route 34 and Route 35 to get to the National Park.
-I participated in the Bug Catching Contest and I got my next team member...Metapod! I named her Pippi.
-I battled the trainers I previously skipped, and also the ones in the Goldenrod Underground Tunnel. Both Lloyd and Pippi evolved. But Pippi had no attacking moves, and since I am so lazy, I left her in the Daycare.
-After picking up Pippi, I went to the Radio Tower, won a Radio Card for the PokéGear, and then went to Whitney's Gym. Whitney wasn´t hard to beat, as Paula beat up the annoying Miltank quite easily. So I basically got the Plain Badge.

The Rockin Team of Love:

The Gift

Lloyd (Togetic) | Male | Level 24
Item: None

The Duo

Pippi (Butterfree) | Female | Level 24
Item: None

The Flower

Paula (Bayleef) | Female | Level 23
Item: Miracle Seed

Badge Case:
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