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Kayla and Holly

Kayla sighed and put Jasmine down. She looked at Lucas sadly. "Sorry I ruined this trip... But we should get something to eat anyway! I haven't eaten anything all day. Holly hasn't either." She gasped as Rosemary popped out of her pokeball. "And Rosemary ate all of my candy," Kayla added sadly. Holly giggled and petted Molly. She felt Daisy's pokeball shake and sighed. "I guess Daisy wants to walk too. She's probably lonely." Holly reached into her pocket and pulled out Daisy's pokeball. She released the Deerling and smiled. "Hi there, sweetie. We're going to a walk now," she whispered. Kayla smiled and started to run down the mountain. "Let's go already!" she yelled happily. Daisy winced and hid behind Holly. Holly smiled and petted the deer. She started to walk after Kayla and sighed.


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