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Originally Posted by Lugia_Da_Boss View Post
Actually yeah, I think I misread the Red/Blue numbers. How much did they sell again? Can't seem to find it anymore. But anyway, the number of sales IS much lower than G/S and R/B/Y nowadays, and at least where I live, none of the movies are in cinemas anymore(the last one that was in the cinemas was during G/S/C era, I think). I think Pokemon is nowhere near dying yet, but the numbers of sales is definitely lower than they used to be and I think that they'll just keep dropping.
R/B/Y sold almost a million more though Gold and Silver is clearly 2nd place.

Not really, the lowest sales were 3rd gen then DPPt picked it up and 5th gen is selling very well.
This is true. Gen 3 main series games sold about 19~ million (not including FRLG), and Gen 4 main series games (not including HGSS) sold about 24-25~ million.
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