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Norman was a piece of cake with Bulk Up + Double Kick. Set up on his Spinda though and it kept trying to Teeter Dance me, but luckily Combusken pulled through. <3 On my way to the Weather Institute now, Volbeat and Ninjask are a bit behind on levels but their movepools are so bad so it's hard to train them atm.


Combusken ♀ | Hardy | Lv. 32 | Gift
Ember, Peck, Bulk Up, Double Kick

Delcatty ♀ | Careful | Lv. 31 | Attract
Faint Attack, Covet, Assist, Attract

Gloom ♀ | Timid | Lv. 26 | Flower
Absorb, Cut, Stun Spore, Acid

Ninjask ♂ | Jolly | Lv. 22 | Valentine
Scratch, Double Team, Leech Life, Sand-Attack

Volbeat ♂ | Quirky | Lv. 24 | Duo
Tackle, Confuse Ray, Tail Glow, Moonlight
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