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Welcome welcome to the community Sin~

Yeah, PC has a lot of members (337,000 according to the main page, wow) so lots of names are taken. ): It's kind of sad to see a name you really like on an account that hasn't logged in in forever and/or has zero posts but I suppose that's just how it is. There are some names I wish I snagged but didn't, so it stinks. Luckily adding a zero gives you a pretty good and acceptable alternative so at least there's that, yep. Glad you decided to join though, it's always a great choice to get involved in the forum as lurking really does limit your options. There are tons of experiences and people out there who are waiting to meet you, as cheesy as that sounds. I've found it to be pretty true after finally choosing to get involved here myself. n~n

Anyway, any particular reason you joined? Many people join for a certain something (like game talk, trading, battling, or hacks among others) at first so it's cool to know what interested you about joining the forum. Or maybe you just wanted to get involved in a Pokemon community... I don't know, you'll have to clear that up for confused 'ol me. ;_; Personally I joined for the hacks at first but branched out later; big forums like these can be pretty engaging. And from what I see so far, you'll probably fit in nicely as someone who seems like a really friendly person!

Have a wonderful time on PC okay! See you around and do not quit ever! :3

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